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Nandoos Token Creation


On April 2021 the Nandoos Token was created. The Nandoos crypto currency is an Utility-Token for Implementation in the further Nando Ecosystem.

What does it mean? was launched by Fernando Seidl in Juli 2020, like a Developing Platform for coding beginners and experts. Learning by doing. The Website includes a social network system (already in developement), an HelpDesk for Help-Request of Code Issues, Download-Center, and much more in the Future.

The core Project of is launching an OnlineShop System for 2022. This Shop-System will be offered for free, having the Nandoos Token integrated as the principal Payment Currency, together with other crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Cardano, Tether, Ethereum, Waves and some more. The difference will be the Commission Strukture. Sellers using the principal Nandoos Currency, will have lower Sales Commissions like using one of the other Cryptos. There will also be an Reward-Programm Integration, creating an extra Bonus to the Buyers for paying with Nandoos. This Reward can be used like an discount in the Transaction, or otherwise like an additional Profit for further Transactions.

At the moment Nandoos can be saved in the following 2 compatible Wallets:

A new Wallet for the Nandoos Utility Token is in Developement for March 2022. The Wallet will include a Staking account for the Nandoos Token, where Nandoos and FTX Token (TRC-10 Token of the Future X Project 2022) can be earned.

At the moment we are starting the first Pre-Sale Phase until the End of 2021 on the WavesDEX Exchange Platform. 100 Million Tokens are offered there for a price of 0.00256 USD / 1 Nandoos.

The second Pre-Sale Phase will start when the Nandoos-Wallet will go online on March 2022 with an Price of 0.00975 USD / 1 Nandoos.

The third Pre-Sale Phase will start together with the FTX Token Release with an Price of 0.0256 USD / 1 Nandoos.



Every new supporter, issuing an new member-account on will get a 50 Nandoos Reward plus 30 Nandoos for each daily Login.

The Nandoos can be withdrawn once the account balance reaches 500 Nandoos.

Participate now on for free and get paid.

Listing on BTC-SQUARE we need your Support


Good afternoon follower, we are tryiing to list our Coin on BTC Square.

We would appreciate if you support us in our voting challenge.

Everey participation on with a Vote for us will be appreciate.

BTCSquare is a big chance to become more popular.

Kind regards,

The Nandoos Team

First successfull Rewards Payments on


The First withdraws has started by our Users of their earned Nandoos.

Along this Week 3580 Nandoos hast been withdrawn to their Wallets.

Thanks for you Support

Best wishes

CoinCodex Listing


Lovely Community,

We have some good News. Our Token is now listed on CoinCodex. Our Presale Phase ist still ongoing Last Week another 1.5 Million Nandoos has been Sold to a new Investor.

We Hope to reach until November our Goal of 100 M Nandoos.

Our Core Developer are working fine in the mentionated Projects.

In a few weeks we will start changing our Website with an complete new Design. Also the First Screenshots of the future App will stay ready to be announced.

Thanks for suppoting us.

Your Nandoos Team



Hello Community,

Today we are launching a new Giveaway Airdrop.

Every Wallet Owner holding 10K plus Nandoos until 15.06.2021, will receive an 30% Airdrop

The 3 biggest Wallets will receive 50% Airdrop

Every Wallet holding 100K Nandoos until 15.06.2021 will participate in an weekly Airdrop of 500 Nandoos until September 2021

If you wanna participate on, then you can get your Nandoos now on

Nandoos will be provided by follow pairs:

- Nandoos/Waves
- Nandoos/USDT